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Adairsville Ledger Aug 21 1890

Debate from A.W. Fite and Dr. W.H Felton running for Congress 7th District.
Adairsville Ledger September 11 1890

Report from Cass Station
Harry Hargis and Hudson Vernon attended a reunion of descendants of Alexander Vernon in Spartenburg S.C.
Miss Verta McKelvey visiting in Kingston
Mrs. R. F. Taylor returning from Summerville
George H Gilreath & Miss Lillie Gilreath of Oreville spent Teusday at Mrs. Quillians. Pat Gilreath Jr. up last week.
W. E. Thompson went to Rome.
Dr. C. F. Griffin is improving fast.
Edgar Green spending a week in Rome Ga.
Miss Sally Posey returned from Cave Spring after visiting relatives from there.
Mrs. Orrie Teat who has been sick with the fever for more than 2 months died on Thursday afternoon. She was the happiest of
Christiansí when in health and when death and disease came peace never deserted her.
Mrs. Sophie Stripe from Palmetto visiting relatives here.
Mr. Alma Gilreath of Oreville was here last week.

Report from Kingston

Cotton Pickers in demand.
Messerís S.L. Bayless and J. M. Anderson receiving fall goods.
Mrs. Tommie Youngblood died at the home of her daughter near here last Wednesday Morning. A good old mother has passed over
the river of death and waiting for loved ones to come. Hers a life of usefulness and worthy of imitation of her fellow beings.
Miss Gilliam Grace and Miss Daisy Davidson left for Jefferson where they will attend school.
Miss's Gertrude and Mary Rollins left Monday for Dalton where they will attend college.
Mrs. L. P. Gaines left for her home in South Georgia.
' Mr. M. B. Tuggle attended the Association at Everett Springs last week.
Mrs. M. Hamilton of Moulin, Texas is visiting her sister Mrs. B. F. McMakin.
Muscadines are ripe here Plenty of Watermelons
Messr's Harris is making lime now
Mrs. Harris will come up from Atlanta

News from Ford, Ga.

Interesting news from the romantic village of Ford.
The BBQ at Mr. Smiths bridge north of Taylorsville the 6th inst was said by those present to be a very affectionate one.
We would like to know who got our bottle of red liquor out of the spring.
Mr. N. J. Owens is at court this week for the first time in his life. Guess when he returns home he can court right.
Mr. J.W. Craddock is lying low with fever.
Never saw cotton open faster with 3 weeks of such weather the last bale will be opened.
Weather is very warm for this time of year.
Chickens are dying of choleric and the hot sun is killing turnips. Several bales of cotton turned.
Slim Jim has returned home from the tabernacle meeting and he has seen more than anybody who went.
Mr. Eugene Dove will leave soon for Athens.
Correction in last weeks issue concerning the Death of Mr. Israel Davis.
We were informed he was dead but we have since learned it was a mistake and he is not dead.

City Court

City Court in Cartersville met during regular session at 10AM on Monday, The jurors were sworn in.

W.A. Holland J.D. Totter
J.B. Smith R.C. Cowan
J.O. Hubbard J.D. Goss
N.J. Owens J.A. Shinall
A.M. Puckett J.R. Brandon
James Samples C.H. Cunyus
M.H. Goode J.L. Vaughan
J.C. Belt W.R. McMillen
J.C. Waldrup J.L. Luther Jr.


W.J. Neal Vs. L.J. Nichols
Wm. McNaught Vs. L.N. Jenkins
Baker & Hall Vs. C.A. Jones
David Price Vs. E.H Woodward
Gaines & Lewis Vs. J. D. Murchinson
Gaines & Lewis Vs. A.J. Hunter
Gaines & Lewis Vs. J.A. & J.G. Gaddis
J.F. Lang Vs. Emerson Malleable Iron Company

Adairsville Ledger July 10 1896

News from Corbin Georgia
Sunday School picnic @ Macedonia Saturday and everyone had a delightful time.
O.J. Layton visited friends
Mrs. Jimpsie Foster visited yesterday.
Mr. William Donahoo visiting family.
Messrs Will Belle and Andrew Chitwood visiting friends near Adairsville.
Mrs. Pearl Addington who spent several weeks with her sister W.P. Kay
will leave for her home in Adairsville but many hopes she will return Corbin soon.
Schooling is well with 45 students under management of Mrs. Mattie Erwin.
Farmers are rejoicing for rain.
Rev. Sullivan Preaches here Sunday.
Messrs Warren, Ed and Robert Donahoo visitng homefolks here Sunday
A number of people from Corbin attended the veteran reunion in Atlanta last week.
Local Lightning

Col. J.W. Gray, commander of the Adairsville Camp UCV and other members attended the reunion last week in Atlanta
and had a great time and enjoyed coming together.
The veterans who's ranks grow thinner and deeds grow grander as each year passes.
Methodist Minister Rev. O.L. Kelly is going to Rockmart.
Mrs. J.E. Scott entertained a party of young folks.
Inman Gray of Atlanta is with his grandparents Col. and Mrs. J.W. Gray
Guy Smith of Rome has been a visitor of W.W. Trimble.
H.M. Veach left for Tate Springs Tennessee and Asheville N.C.
Mr. & Mrs Bently of Redbud spent the day with Mrs. R.L. McCollum
A.M. Cox visited Cartersville on Wednesday.
G.A. Veach visited Cartersville on Tuesday
J.J. Hilburn & Son have returned to Chattanooga, Tennessee
Reese Combs went to Atlanta.
Mrs. Eva McCollum down to Adairsville
Mrs. Ethel Orr was a guest of Miss Jessie Combs.
Mr. & Mrs. Tatum of Bartow Florida are here visitng.
Messrs Felton & George Gibbons of Linwood are down Tuesday.
Miss Bobbie Howell of Alpharetta is visiting Mrs. Ross Thomas.
Mr. Mayfield Wimberly of Rome is a guest of Mallard Boyd.
Mrs. Stegall of Emerson is spending time with her daughter Mrs. A. Abromson
Messrs Jennie & Hattie Fannie Gray of Atlanta are spending time at Col. J.W. Gray's.
Miss Stella Brogdon retuned to her home in Gordon County accompanied by Miss Pauline Boyd.
Dr. Joe P. Bowdoin will arrive Monday from New York.


Candidate for General Assembly of Georgia Kirby Sanderson
Candidate for Legislature Representative in the Lower house M.L. Johnson
Candidate for Clerk of Superior court of Bartow County W. W. Roberts
Candidate for County Commissioner W.M. King
Candidates for Tax Collector B.R. McCoy, W.W. Glenn & J.M Bohannon

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